fone2globe SoftPhone

fone2globe SoftPhone

A very simple softphone that allows you to connect with fone2globe voip service
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This softphone is a very small and simple application which will allow you to connect to the fone2globe Voip service. It is a free downloadable program which will work for you only after buying a prepaid account to make phonecalls through fone2globe.

Setup process is quite easy to follow and It has a really plain interface. First you will be asked to choose a language, (the only one available in the combo box was English), and then to type a user ID and password (if you dont own an account thats it for you).

It works just to make calls, you won't find any advanced features in it, only a mobile phone look with a basic keypad and buttons to start and finish a call.

If you are looking for a VoIP service provider, you might find it useful (I advise you to check rates before paying for an account with any voip service), otherwise this application has nothing to offer you.

There is no online support or documentation available, so if you have any technical problems, you will have to email a support center

Daniel Verdesoto
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  • Simple


  • Only works for fone2globe service
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